Fem-tastic discussions with students

Fabulous females sharing their feelings when it comes to feminism.


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Feminism is for everyone

So for the past week/week and half, I was able to interview three female students about their opinions on the feminist movement. I know what you are probably thinking, I should have asked a male what he thinks of the movement. I’m not against males speaking about or showing support about the movement, but I needed female’s opinions on the matter because this is a movement started by them.

So, the first interviewee is Meghann. She is a senior at La Salle and is vocal when it comes to the movement. One of the points she brings when it comes to how the movement could improve on is to denounce the extremist of the movement.

I do agree with her, the extremist do hurt the movement and like how Meghann said, the movement can’t move forward until those extremist are either corralled in or denounced for their behavior.

The second person who I interviewed was Tamirah. She is a junior at La Salle University. She says the movement is doing fine, but needs to work on being more inclusive when it comes to issues that minorities face.

She brings up a valid point, the movement spends too much time on obstacles white woman face and not much on minorities. There has to be more acknowledgement of their issues. This means acknowledging that yes white women’s issues may not be hardest. I don’t enjoy saying theirs isn’t important because everyone’s struggles are valid, but they can’t be the center of the movement all the time.

Last to speak is Alexis, who is a junior at La Salle University. She makes the point that the movement should branch out and work with other organization to better help everyone. Which is a noble idea because this movement isn’t just about women. Even though this movement is about females doesn’t mean it can’t help other movements.

Feminism is a vital movement that we are in desperate need of in this day in age. Whether you think it is doing enough or not, it is doing something. If you think it is not doing enough, get up and do something. Make the change. You have a voice, just speak. You don’t need someone to say what you feel for you. You do it yourself.

Also, just because you have the “loudest” voice and want to be a voice for those who don’t have a voice doesn’t mean you understand. It is noble of you to want to help and everything and please keep helping but remember to pass this metaphorical microphone to the other millions of females who are waiting to make their voice heard. Everyone has a story, let everyone’s voices be heard.

Keep fighting,

X. Ewelina

Here is all three interviews that I conducted!


Skills to have as a journalism major

news photoDo you have what it takes to be a journalist?

As one of my journalism professors said, “A journalist much have to be like platypus.” If you are wondering what that means, it means as a journalists, you need be able to have many skills on top of good writing skills just like a platypus looks like a combination of multiple animals.

Right. I hope that imagine helps.

According to the Poynter Institute, there is a pyramid of what skills a journalist should have. The foundation of this pyramid is judgment, story-telling, critical thinking and evidence. I don’t disagree with this. It is important to be able to tell a story with the information you have given to the public. Clearly, you need to have the proper judgment to judge whether or not something is worth covering or even including in the story.  Critical thinking and evidence is key because you need to be able to think outside the box and have evidence for the things you come up with/say in the article.

The tier above that involves skills such as audio-visuals, technology and numeracy. These are valuable skills to have because we live in such a technology driven world, so knowing how to use it is key. Learn how to code, record and produce videos and learn how to not break computers. Also, math and numeracy is important. Knowing economic concepts (despite how confusing it is and the stress it causes) it is important because of the society we live in.

The third-tier is made up of civics and culture. Yes, knowing things about government and politics is important because how can you make sure they are doing their job when you have no idea what they are doing.  Learn the basics at least. Culture is important because you should be able to respect other people that are not like you. Guess what, people are different and don’t find everything you do acceptable and vice versa.

Lastly, according to this Institute, the top-tier is mission and purpose. Frankly, I feel like this can fall into the previous tiers. If you need to know information about the government, then you need to know about ethics and principles of democracy and all of that. So, I think it is a bit senseless to have to go through the whole pyramid to get to that conclusion.

According to Paige Levin’s article, there are ten things you the journalist need to be good at. Those things are: basic coding, math, understand economics, know your audience, build a brand, engage on social media, keep it under 140 characters, produce content on multiple platforms, know the information and stay adaptable.

Comparing these two lists of what a journalist needs to know, Levin’s list is more modern. It deals with things that are more prominent in our time. I think journalist should be able to create the proper tweet in 140 character or less and be able to use social media platforms to engage with your readers. I think that’s all important. Also, knowing what is going on in world is important so you can make sure companies and people in power are working ethically.

Lastly, I found an article by David Brewer who also talks about what skills journalist should know in order to do their job well. He says that a journalist should have life experiences, your attitude and aptitude are important, knowledge in special topics is important, history and language is important and curiosity, critical thinking and a hunger for news is key.

All three of these articles say that critical thinking is important.  Which is true because thinking outside box and thinking creatively to get to the solution is better than giving up or try to do things by the book. Not everything can be done by the book but that doesn’t mean you break the rules. Also, knowing things about computer software and social media is key because technology runs our lives.

It seems like journalists have to know a lot for a “writing” job, but I think it is important for them to be able to do many things. It goes back to the idea of being a platypus when it comes to this industry. You need to be able to may things because of the kind of news cycle we live in.

I hope this helps and does not overwhelmed you,

X. Ewelina

App-pealing apps for journalists in 2018


appsApps that journalist in today’s world fin useful according to Val Hoeppner and U. Texas.

I thought it would be useful to make my own list of apps they say are good, but that I actually use. I thought providing you the links to the sites would be helpful so that you can go see all of the apps they talk about because I obviously don’t use all of the apps they suggest, my phone doesn’t like apps.

Apps for taking notes and file/document transfers

  1. Google Drive: On here you can create and edit documents, such as spreadsheets, power-point presentations, word documents. You can also share these documents with others and they can add and make edits as well. This is great for when you have projects to do with other people. Everyone can have access to the file and edit and the edits will show up on everyone’s computer. Google Drive is also connected to many multimedia apps, which means you can import files or transfer and store large files.
  2. Genius Scan: This is an app that allows you, well to scan documents and send them as JPEG or PDF files. There are free and paid versions. I have the free version and it works just fine. The only difference between the free and paid version is that for the paid version you can send scanned documents to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs.
  3. Dropbox: This app allows you to save files across all platforms and share them with others!

Apps for audio and call recording

  1. Voice Recorder: This a voice to text recorder. So, you can transfer recordings to your computer via WiFi. I use this and its pretty useful because I don’t have to sit there, listen to everything while trying to get information down.
  2. Soundcloub: This is an app that allows you to upload soundbites to the internet. It’s geared towards uploading music but also works well with other audio tracks.

Photography and editing app

  1. VSCO: This app is one of my favorites when it comes to editing photos. You can also share photos on this platform, but I just use it as place to store my photos. I used to post on it, but stopped because not everyone knows it’s also a social media platform of sorts.
  2.  DSCO: This is similar to VSCO, but it is used for GIFs. You are able to take, edit and share the GIFs you make.
  3. SnapSeed: This is another app for editing photos. This works well with those who need to sync with Google. I used to use it but I find it a bit difficult to navigate through.

Video and video editing apps

  1. iMovie: This is the video editing software available for those who have Apple products.
  2. Boomerang: This is an app from Instagram where you can GIFs out of mini videos. I’ve used this and love that use this to make mini videos with out all the editing.
  3. Periscope: This was created by Twitter to allow people to live-stream to the whole world.

Social media apps

  1. Buffer: This app allows you to manage multiple social media accounts. You can schedule posts and view them from this app.
  2. Reddit: This allows you to search for potential information about news or you can get some version of the news on here.
  3. Snapchat: This app allows you to take ten second or less photos and share them to the people you follow. You can also get some news on here from their discovery page.
  4. Twitter: This app allows you to connect to people all over the world and see what they are saying about popular or unpopular topics.

I hope you found this helpful,

X. Ewelina



YouTube is finally stepping in

Has YouTube finally had enough with Logan Paul’s behavior?

Once again, Logan Paul has made it into the news. Continuing the theme of showing death on his channel, Paul put out a video on his main channel in which he tazed a dead rat, gave CPR to a fish and tweeted about eating a Tide Pod, which he later deleted. It is evident that YouTube has had enough.

Paul’s income largely comes from brand and partner deals, merchandise and YouTube ad revenue. Despite having multiple sources of income, his recent controversies have affected his partner deals. Now Paul is faced with one less source of income – his YouTube channel.

According to a tweet sent out by YouTube Creators, “In response to Logan Paul’s recent pattern of behavior, we’ve temporarily suspended ads on his channel.”

As a result of the suspension, Paul is opting to promote and push his merchandise in his videos more often than not.

YouTube’s tweet also means the company has implemented new rules and algorithms to prevent another one of these scandals from happening.

In a recent YouTube blog post, they said, “We’re outlining additional steps we may take beyond our current strike systems when channels upload videos that result in widespread harm to our community, of creators, viewers and advertisers.”

However, YouTube has not directly addressed the recent suspension of Paul’s YouTube Red project, “The Thinning: New World Order.”

YouTuber Philip DeFranco questioned YouTube’s lack of direct action, noting their quick decision to cancel PewDiePie’s second season of his Red show, “Scare Pewdiepie.” DeFranco said in a recent video, “It [“The Thinning” sequel] was barely suspended.”

In that same blog post, YouTube said, “We may suspend a channel’s ability to serve ads, ability to earn revenue and potentially remove the YouTube Partner Program, including creator support and access to our YouTube spaces.”

This explains why Paul distastefully pushes his merchandise in his videos more so than in the past. Unlike his younger brother, fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, Logan does not have the success of a group such as Team 10 to fall back on.

YouTube also wrote, “We may remove a channel’s eligibility to be recommended on YouTube, such as appearing on our home page, trending tab or watch next.”

In a recent “come back” vlog, Paul boasted that he was able to get more subscribers and views while still on break was because he was in the center of controversy.

Paul, rather than losing his audience, is instead gaining views because of his controversies. The continuous news coverage and discussion on social media has only continued to make him trend on YouTube.

DeFranco states, “[The] algorithm is recommending people in the center of controversy, they didn’t take these extra steps.”

YouTube is taking these new precautions in an attempt to avoid having another Logan Paul-esque scandal. However, the current algorithm for video promotion and suggestion is clearly not doing its job properly. The algorithm, unable to keep up-to-date with the ongoing controversies, also hurts smaller YouTube channels, who are deemed unimportant due to a lack of views of monetary value in the eyes of the video platform giant.

Logan Paul is a problem, but he is only a part of YouTube’s ongoing struggle to balance business and ethics.

X. Ewelina


How “Lo”-gan Logan Paul go?



If you can’t remember or don’t know what Logan Paul did on last month, let me enlighten you

On January 1st of this year, Paul posted a video of him in friends walking around Aokigahara Forest, also known as Suicide Forest. In the midst of making the video, they stumbled upon a man who hand hung himself. Unfortunately, rather than showing an ounce of human decency and shutting off the camera, Paul decided to continue film and comment on the situation at hand.

People were quick to comment and denounce Paul for him insensitivity and ignorance at the situation severity. He apologized on social media and begun his very short break from YouTube.

On January 24th, Paul posted a video on his vlog channel called “Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow.” In this video Paul interviews Kevin Hines, who tried committing suicide himself when he was 19. He also talks to Dr. John Draper, director of the National Suicide Prevention lifeline. He was given five steps to help prevent suicide: ask, listen, be there for them, help them contact the proper support group and check in on them. The video was touching and he seems to have really spent the three weeks following the sandal really trying to become aware of the issue at hand.

He even went on Good Morning America to be interview by Michael Strahan to publicly announce that he has learned from his mistakes. In GMA manner, Paul was asked very easy questions and not really getting to the heart of the issue.

Youtuber, Philip DeFranco, is critical about Paul’s return to the spotlight. DeFranco said in a video in response to Paul’s appearance on GMA, “Thanks to this situation, Logan Paul is exiting this scandal far bigger than he entered.”

DeFranco made a valid point. Paul was not questioned hard enough about why he made this video. The amount of editing Paul had to do to blur out the man and he knew who is audience was.

Paul claims that he makes videos for people his age, but he does know who watches his videos and when because of the analytics YouTube provides him.

Also, DeFranco states, “Logan Paul does a fantastic job making himself the sympathetic figure, the victim actually. A victim who feels like he deserves it.”

Yes, Paul deserves to be reprimanded for his ignorance. He should be taken off Google Preferred and should be making an effort to right his wrong.

But, should he be receiving comments telling him to go kill himself. No.

According to Paul in his GMA interview, “It’s been tough ‘cause, ironically, I’m being told to commit suicide myself.”

I don’t care, you don’t tell a person to go kill themselves. You are behaving no better than Paul did when he posted that video.

Lastly, my issue with this interview is that Paul states that this happened for a reason. And as DeFranco put it, that man who committed suicide did not do it because he wanted to be filmed by a clueless YouTuber who is trying to get views.

Besides that, it seems as though Paul has learned from his mistakes and will now be moving forward from this.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, he doesn’t behave in a manner that shows the strides that he has been making were genuine.

Recently, Cardi B posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “They trinna crucify me like they did Christ.” And Paul commented, “Lawlz u tellin me.”

Paul did everything pretty much perfectly on a public relation stand point, he came out and said he was sorry, posted a video saying he is taking steps to help prevent people from committing suicide and he comments, “Lawlz u tellin me.”

He is acting as though the way people responded to his video was unjust. That there shouldn’t have been any outrage about the fact he filmed someone’s body hanging from a tree. Clearly, in the three weeks he has been “learning” for the situation, he has learned absolutely nothing. It’s now clear that the video and interview were just a PR stunt. Paul has managed to prove that he is the horrible person he truly is.

Thanks for reading,

X. Ewelina


Feminism: a concept


I thought it would be appropriate to discuss feminism in a broad sense considering the main reason I made this blog is to rant about things in regards to feminism. This is just my opinion so if you agree, thanks. If you don’t awesome, you can leave and never come back .

Feminism in its most basic form is a movement that tries to win equality for women. I agree with that. I think women should be treated like equals because they are people too and not just objects like society likes to think we are. But, I also think that this movement cannot just focus on just women. It needs to fight for everyone, yes even men. We are all victims of this stereotypical idea of how the world “should” be but in reality we don’t fall into those stereotypical categories.

I think we need feminism. Frankly, we need a lot of things but this one is one that really matters. I don’t understand how some people say that they aren’t for feminism. Are you not interested in having equal rights? My “favorite” excuse is; “I never felt as though I was treated unfairly because I am a female.” Guess what, others have and as a female you need to support other women. And that means all women. I do not mean that “white” feminist crap. When I say everyone. It’s a pretty simple concept.

I also bring up that feminism should fight for men’s rights too. That’s true too. Men are victims of this idea that they need to be masculine all the time and show no emotions and blah, blah, blah. Let me tell you that you crying doesn’t make you weak or “female-like.” Literally, just do you and don’t be an ignorant misogynist that thinks they know best for other people because guess what,  you don’t know everything. No one knows everything and not everyone should know things.

Anyways, that’s the rant in a sense. It’s pretty simple. I might do a follow-up or scratch the idea.

X. Ewelina


What is Facebook doing now?


Facebook logo

Many of you have been the victim of the Facebook’s algorithm of what should be on the top of your newsfeed. Nine times out of ten it has been something news related or less glamorously, about Trump’s recent Twitter storm. But fear not, Facebook is taking steps to put news outlets further down your newsfeed. This means, you have to scroll down further to get your dose of our political sphere. Now, your feed will mostly be filled with your aunt’s constant baby pictures, your old high school classmate’s Facebook Live stories and cat videos because yes, I am still living in 2012.

As we all know, Facebook is being reprimanded for the lack of initiative when it came to the issue of “fake news.” And as they say, better late than never, Facebook is doing something. According to Facebook’s own News Feed, put out and article that reinsures users that they are taking steps to become a “trusted” platform. According to the article, “We surveyed a diverse and representative sample of people using Facebook across the US to gauge their familiarity with, and trust in, various different sources.”

Sounds like a good idea right? Let the people who fell for fake news sites/article gauge what is real and fake news. Genius.

According to a Columbia Journalism Review article, people only trust sites that align with their views. Which ultimately means that “study” is bound to fail because most people are incapable of putting their biases aside to see if a site is credible or not because it may not align with them.

Also, people share just to share. Most don’t read the article but share because the headline and if they read the article, they will share the article because they like what it says rather and not pay attention to whether or not it’s a real news outlet.

According to the same Columbia Journalism Review article, “A survey was done by  Craig Silverman of Buzzfeed in 2016, meanwhile, showed that the top fake election news stories generated more total engagement than all the top election stories from 19 major news outlets combined.”

So, if that doesn’t show that most people don’t care what they share as long as it says what they want to hear, this new system Facebook is trying to initiate will ultimately be worse than whatever did before.

This system also will hurt new outlets as well. An article written by Frederic Filloux for “Monday Note” Facebook killed the news media three ways.

Those three ways are:

  1. It killed the idea of a brand
  2. the idea of authorship has gone
  3. Facebook destroyed the business model of news by opening a platform for cheap advertising

The first way, it killed the idea of a “brand.” How many times have you said, “I read this article on Facebook”? But, when asked what site is it actually from, you have no idea. See? Point made. We don’t remember where the article came from. Which is terrible because then we can’t ever find it again and we won’t know what site it’s from.

Second point, authorship is gone. Again, if you don’t know where the article is actually from, then you don’t know if that person who wrote it is trustworthy. Now journalists can write whatever they want and jot worry about their credibility going down because we can’t even remember where the article originally came from!

And last point, if credible news outlets aren’t making money, they can’t buy ad space. Also, fake news websites can buy uber-cheap ad space therefore they can get their website out there as fast as the other new outlets can.

With this being said, Facebook is killing journalism even more than before, in my opinion. Facebook has done enough damage before this new initiative and with new idea of many news lower on your feed, online news outlets will be hurt even more. I do not agree with this new proposed idea. I think it is too late for Facebook to change. They need to hire people to get rid of fake news articles and be continuously monitoring the issue because its too late to implement this idea. People will scroll far enough to get what they want.

Thank you for reading,

X. Ewelina